Your first time: addition

Lena Dunham compares…well, you’ll see. (Sorry about the beginning advert; just click on through.)

CNN says Republicans find the ad shocking! I guess anything sex negative is OK, but sex positive? Whoa!

The criticism in comment #5 is very important, I think. A different word or two could have made it much better, but I suppose there’s some political ad rule about keeping the message simple. Still…

6 thoughts on “Your first time: addition

  1. Hi Matt, my first reaction was not positive, but I think there are ways in which it might carry an important set of messages – e.g., what she does sexually is her business, the policies Obama promotes protect her choices, etc.

    Your link now has an update that traces the ad to Reagan.

  2. Matt, I believe the “compare it with sex” advertising idea has been independently invented several thousand times.

  3. I must confess, I didn’t like the “with a guy” part. I know that all the candidates are male in this election, and most women consider their first time to be with a guy, but I want to think the first time I vote might possibly be with a woman candidate, and one day woman-woman sex will be considered legitimate enough to have a “first time”. I know, I know, I’m a spoil-sport, but the line just hits home that women might have some sexual and political choice these days (yay, progress!), but there’s still a long way to go!

  4. No G, I completely agree. It is very traditional heretosexual normative all the way through. That bothered me too.

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