How to prepare for the phone/skype interview

From Inside Higher Ed.

These look like good tips. I’m just giving the topics. There’s much more said about each one. No doubt there are many non-equivalent lists that are good, so let us know if you have anything to add.

1. Script, script, script. Did I mention you should script? Script. Scripting is the best preparation one can do for a job interview

2. Practice, practice, and practice. Again, practice. .

3. Prepare your space, and prepare yourself, for the interview. Find a place that you won’t be disturbed for at least an hour–this could be your office…

4. Speak at a relaxed pace and pause often.

5. Direct the interview as much as you can.

6. Get your assurance points in. Make sure that the search committee knows that you WILL have your dissertation finished..

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“It Stands to Reason, Skeptics Can Be Sexist Too”

I spoke out about sexual harassment among atheists and scientists. Then came the rape threats.

Blogger and podcast co-host Rebecca Watson has a piece up at Slate about the sexist backlash she received in the skeptic community when she talked about feminism and her experiences as a woman.  Sadly, her story resembles others you’ve probably heard:  threats, accusations that she’s lying or exaggerating or can’t take a joke, more threats, etc.

Her piece is somewhat cathartic, especially with snappy observations like this:

What I said in my video, exactly, was, “Guys, don’t do that,” with a bit of a laugh and a shrug. What legions of angry atheists apparently heard was, “Guys, I won’t stop hating men until I get 2 million YouTube comments calling me a ‘cunt.’ ” The skeptics boldly rose to the imagined challenge.