Oh, Honda

Honda releases (just in Japan for now) a car made for women. Unlike all those other cars which I guess they make for men.

From “Wheels”: “Honda has revealed a new pink Honda Fit with a special “She’s” model trim designed to target the female demographic.” It lets in fewer skin damaging UV rays and has a air conditioning designed to keep skin soft.

Read more here. Excuse me while I go barf.

7 thoughts on “Oh, Honda

  1. I’m relieved, for one, that the ad did not confuse me with any of that manly technical talk about gas mileage, restraint systems or warranties.

  2. I was so surprised to find out that my orange Honda Fit was too manly for me. I will be trading it in, and also changing my name so it has an “i” in it which I can draw a heart over instead of a dot.

    I do actually think space for a handbag is a good idea (although it should be marketed as space for a *bag*, not for a handbag – lots of guys I know have satchels or small backpacks that need places to go. But eyeliner brown? I only wear black or purple eyeliner, thanks Honda.

  3. Actually, I’ve been waiting for a car built for women. Well, a truck. Ever drive a U-Haul a long distance? They are NOT built for people 5’4″. Reaching the pedals was really exhausting. Seriously. Day two, I was trying to figure out how I could velcro a chunk of wood to each pedal to make the extra, critical, 2″ closer/higher. My legs had to be almost fully extended the whole time.

    And in many cars, you don’t have good visibility over the hood and trunk, unless you add a few cushion pads to your seat to put you up another couple inches.

    (Which means not cars and trucks for women per se, but for people who don’t have bodies the size of your typical American male.)

    Never thought of the color being a problem. Silly me.

    We often don’t realize just how much of the world is built for the American male size until we use other-sized things. Even chairs.

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