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I have been very encouraged as of late by the efforts described on the What We’re Doing About What It’s Like Blog, as well as by the number of signatures on the petitions in support of the Gendered Conference Campaign (both our own, as well as Eric and Mark’s). It’s wonderful that so many philosophers are actively supportive of greater equity within the discipline. I thought it might be useful, then (for myself, if no one else), if we started putting together a collection of resources related to climate issues (ideas, data, examples, strategies, etc.). There are already resources all over–some more collected, some more scattered– here and elsewhere; this is intended to be just a bit of organizing.  I know I’ve missed a lot so, please, do add more in the comments! (List after the jump.)

Background Information:

Data on women in philosophy from the APA.

Jenny Saul’s paper, Implicit Bias, Stereotype Threat and Women in Philosophy.

Implicit Bias and Philosophy from the Implicit Bias Project.

General information on what stereotype threat is and information on mitigating it.

Our own page with more references on the psychology of philosophy.

What is it like to be a woman in philosophy blog.

For Allies:

Resources for the classroom, including strategies and tips on how to create a healthy, inclusive, classroom environment and how to mitigate problematic dynamics: here, here, and here.

Being an active bystander.

Guidance on writing letters of recommendation, given the influence of biases.

Avoiding a gendered conference:

Tips on how to avoid an all-male conference lineup from Feminist Philosophers.

Information from the APA-CSW 

Women in Logic

Women in Philosophy of Mind

Women in Epistemology

Women in Philosophy of Religion

Women in Metaphysics

Women in Philosophy of Language

Women in Philosophy of Science

Resources for Individuals:

How to shift our feelings about our own status through power poses (this research began, in part, out of an interest in gender differences in classroom participation).

Facebook group for LGBTQ philosophers.

Resources for Undergraduates:

Cultivating Underrepresented Students in Philosophy Workshop at Penn State (CUSP)

Philosophy in an Inclusive Key Summer Institute (PIKSI)

Resources for Departments:

The Rutgers Climate Survey 2012 and Michigan’s Climate Survey are both available online and could serve as templates for your own.

Here are some ideas about how to improve the hiring process from the folks at the University of Oklahoma.

Information for evaluating applications, given that biases affect both how certain materials come together (e.g., letters of recommendation) and how we perceive them.

The Rutgers climate web page.

11 thoughts on “Resources related to climate

  1. This isn’t so helpful I know, but could you maybe also post contact info for the “Women in x” lists? People (er, including me) might want to see about getting themselves added to lists to which they think they belong. Thanks!

  2. Rebecca,

    You should be able to add yourself to any of those lists, except the Women Historians of Philosophy which is linked on the APA CSW page. For that one, contact womenhistoriansofphilosophy [at]

    Catarina Dutilh Novaes put together the women in logic list, John Schwenkler the phil mind list, I believe Andrew Bailey created the women in epistemology, metaphysics, and phil langauge lists, and along with Kevin Timpe the Phil Religion list as well (though the Center for Philosophy of Religion, I think, maintains the women in philosophy of religion list now)– but all of these can be edited by anyone. The google docs work just like a spreadsheet, and Schwenkler lists instructions for adding an entry on the phil mind list.

  3. Thanks philodaria! It looked editable but I didn’t know if that was within etiquette to do.

  4. Totally within etiquette to add yourself, as well as any other women who would be appropriate. In fact, I’m sure it’s appreciated!

  5. Let me jump in and say that people absolutely SHOULD add themselves to the ‘Women in X’ lists! When I changed the format to an editable format, I was sure the list would become gigantic in no time, but no… For some reason people shy away from adding themselves, which is not so surprising in the case of groups of people (such as women) who are constantly made to feel they don’t ‘belong’. And Rebecca, you should be in the Women in Logic list! :)
    Philodaria, thanks for the great post!

  6. Hey Catarina – I don’t think the fact that the lists are editable has been widely advertised. Maybe a few of us need to call attention to just this specifically on facebook, and with a few blog posts – maybe you FP folks might do a separate post calling people to add themselves and linking to all of those lists?

    And you are very sweet, but I am no logician. I teach it at a fairly advanced level and it doesn’t scare me, but I am never going to contribute to logic proper! Whatever logic chops and creativity I once had have gone gooey with age anyhow :-/

  7. @Rebecca
    Well, at least for the logic list I advertised the new format on NewAPPS, M-Phi, Twitter, sent a message to Philos-L… But still, maybe Facebook? (I wasn’t on Facebook then.)
    And recall that the Women in Logic list comprises people working on philosophy of logic and related areas, bordering with phil-lang, so if you don’t fit, then who does? :)

  8. Yeah, true, I remember your list being ‘advertised’ – but I didn’t even know about the epistemology and language lists until today. And facebook has its own power.

    I can think of lots of women who are way more legit philosophers of logic/logicians than I am … I still don’t feel legit but add me if you like :) You should also add Huaping Lu-Adler at Georgetown who does early modern logic.

  9. There is a list of women philosophers of science at:

    I am the contact person for updating the list. Any women philosophers of science who want themselves added to the list (or who want their information changed) should send me:

    Name (as they want it to appear)
    Research Areas
    Links to two representative works

    Items can be left blank, of course.

    Roberta Millstein

  10. Thanks Roberta! I just updated the post so that your link doesn’t get overlooked, for those who don’t read this far down in the comments.

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