Reader query: which books by women for World Philosophy Day?

My university library has tentatively agreed to exhibit books by women philosophers in honour of world philosophy day, and I offered to advise them about names and titles. The exhibition will be small – one glass covered table full, so perhaps between 10 and 20 books, and, if they can find them, a couple of pictures. I was thinking of suggesting books that cover the widest possible timeline up to the present. What names would you suggest?

Voting No

From my Facebook newsfeed: a pamphlet urging men to vote no on women’s suffrage, and a plea to Minnesota voters on the marriage amendment:

vote no on women's suffrage


The history of humankind is a history laced with the impulsion to resist the truth when it threatens the status quo–to resist the testimony of the disenfranchised when its acceptance would upset our view of the world. We resisted the notion that women ought to be treated as persons rather than property. We resisted the notion that denying women an education or the right to vote was an affront to equality. We resisted the notion that even slavery was discriminatory. We resisted the notion that separate was unequal. We resisted the notion, even before the Civil Rights Act, that blacks were treated unequally in our society. In the face of this stunning history of ignorance of what justice calls for — of the true experiences of the marginalized — when a group of people on the fringes of our social power structure has the courage to stand up and tell us that something is wrong rationality ought to compel us to try and set aside our assumptions, even our convictions, and really try to listen.