A great way to wake up

Election-watching’s a whole different thing from across the ocean. For the first time, I didn’t stay up, as I thought it would take forever to settle. But what an awesome 5.20 AM (12.20 EST) I had! Not just Obama, but Warren. And Baldwin, the first openly lesbian senator! And marriage equality! And one of the big story lines everyone is focussing on is the difference women made, and the importance of reproductive rights to the Democratic victory. As J-Bro noted on FB (not sure where he got it from), “Looks like women had ways of shutting (Akin) down”. Yeah.

4 thoughts on “A great way to wake up

  1. I am in Europe as well, but I stayed up all night. Great night! – And think of the future of the Supreme Court.
    I’ll have to catch up on sleep now.

  2. I just couldn’t face my anxiety. 6 am click on the radio and then dance around and around the house! So proud to be a Minnesotan!!

  3. There were so many facets of awfulness to a Romney win, and I voted along with a line of repubs. Too awful. Now Obama does have to develop a positive course of action.

    My favorite line (forgot source): obama’s election to a second term puts an end to the Reagan Revolution.

  4. I was please with the result- both federal and in CA (yeah for the passage of Prop 30 to halt cuts in education funding).

    However, I think Allyson Kapin’s Huffington Post article deserves a great deal of attention, especially given that females were a decisive factor in Obama’s re-election. We need to demand more integrity, courage and accountability from the party that says it’s pro-woman.


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