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Men discuss social epistemology November 11, 2012

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Next month, at the 5th installment of the Copenhagen Lund Workshops on Social Epistemology.

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An explanation for culture of victim blaming

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From “Sexual harassment victims less assertive than they planned” on the Conversation:

People imagine they would assert themselves strongly against sexual harassment but are more likely to react passively when confronted with it in real life, a US study has found.

The gap between how people think they would react and how they do can exacerbate a culture of victim-blaming, the study’s authors said.

Mismatched expectations can lead people to blame women for not standing up “strongly enough” against harassment — even though we may react in a similar way in the same situation, said the study, titled Double Victimization in the Workplace: Why Observers Condemn Passive Victims of Sexual Harassment and published in the journal Organization Science.

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