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Perhaps feminists and philosophers know the feeling November 13, 2012

Filed under: Uncategorized — KateNorlock @ 7:12 pm

Might you have an experience of seeing the world differently, or changing your mind?  It pleases me that a feminist and philosopher saw this and immediately thought of FP (thanks, Sally!).


2 Responses to “Perhaps feminists and philosophers know the feeling”

  1. DavidRLogan Says:

    way cool! (my usual meaningless comment…but cool nonetheless)

  2. beta Says:

    Agreed, DavidRLogan! And the funny thing is that when I first got the “for FP?” query, and went and looked at the announcement, my slow-moving inner voice said, “But this isn’t about feminism.” And then I read it through, and thought, “Oh, heh, yes it is, my bad.”

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