Reader query: gender identity resources for children

I’ve had a query from a reader who wants to help her child (age 9) deal with gender identity issues. My impression is that this isn’t a clear case of a child declaring a gender identity at odds with the sex that they were assigned at birth, but rather one of a child wrestling with these issues. But both sorts of cases are out there, and both are important. So would very much appreciate resources relating to both in comments! Thanks.

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    “Who are you?

    Flamingo Rampant is a micro-press with a single mission: better kids’ books about gender. In the fullness of time, we hope to offer a variety of children’s books, ebooks, posters and apps that reflect the experiences of trans*-identified/gender-independent children and youth.

    Why do we need these books? How many trans* kids could there be?

    More than you might think, but that’s not the real question for us. Books about (or for) trans* or gender-independent children and youth are of value to all families and all schools. They may help normalize the experience of T*/GI kids, yes. But kids’ books that introduce new ideas create a lot of space around that idea – space in which normatively-gendered kids and families can be more thoughtful about gender expectations, better allies to trans* and gender-independent folks, and more aware of the exuberant diversity of the world around them.

    How am I supposed to explain all this to my kid? Don’t you think a kindergartener is too young to learn about transsexuals?

    The children of transsexuals learn about them before that – we’re their families. Trans* kids learn about them then, when they express their feelings about gender. Age-appropriate explanations – like you’ll find in these books – are what matters.

    Children learn something about lots of complex issues when they’re very little: space travel, racism, reproduction, colour theory, poetry, gravity, farm animals, money, patience, and so on. We answer their questions honestly and simply, based on our own values. These books – in addition to being fun stories – help parents to do that.

    We are also offering some additional resources for families on this site; they might help you to answer whatever questions you still have.

    Flamingo Rampant? That’s a weird name.


    The co-founders of Flamingo Rampant are also a married couple, who for years had a long-running joke that since their household was funded entirely on gender and sexuality related work, they should incorporate. A further tangent of the joke was about the logo of this fictitious business, which would be a coat of arms (in the Heraldic tradition) with crossed iPhones and a flamingo, rampant.

    So obviously, when it was time to start a children’s book press, the only thing to do was to call it Flamingo Rampant. The fabulous logo by KD Diamond did kind of seal the deal, though.

    Are you accepting manuscripts for submission at this time?

    Yes. Please note that we are only publishing gender-related books for children and youth (up to Grade 12). If you have one of those you would like us to consider, please query info at flamingorampant dot com with the word QUERY in the subject line. We’ll try our best to get back to you within six weeks.”

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