Female male model

We’ve posted before about the man, Andrej Pejic, modelling as a woman. Earlier this week we saw another instance in this phenomena.

So its time to meet Casey Legler, the female male model. There’s an interview with her talking about her work as an artist and as a male model here. Interesting to see gender being treated so flexibly.

2 thoughts on “Female male model

  1. If you are looking at professional models, you will find a lot more that are androgynous (eg: http://fashiongrunge.files.wordpress.com/2012/11/erik-andersson-for-10-men-fall-2012.jpeg). Not sure how much Legler’s case counts as treating gender as flexible though–isn’t she is just reproducing the standard mold of a “masculine” male model?

    You can see a few more photos of Legler here: http://models.fordmodels.com/models/7/talents/38664%C2%A0.

    A comment on the Times article reminded me that http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&v=hVs6Fekh0RY&NR=1 was one of my favourite music videos growing up.

  2. I dont’ think that “androgynous” is being used properly in these cases, particularly with Andrej and Casey. What they’re doing is adopting a gender presentation different from their gender identity: really, they’re cross dressing models. That’s great, but it’s different from androgyny.

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