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Sunday Cat guest-star: Jethro Noseworthy November 25, 2012

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I humbly submit the memorial film made by the incomparable Amy Campbell Noseworthy, singer and artist, spouse of philosopher Alice MacLachlan, and mourner of Jethro The Cat, for this Sunday’s installment of The Sunday Cat.  I suggest one will find it to have moving love, comic value, and a bad-ass title. How we all loved Jethro, may he rest in peace.  (Mildly NSFW: language in the title, rocking music.)


5 Responses to “Sunday Cat guest-star: Jethro Noseworthy”

  1. Christine Says:

    Long live Jethro’s memory!

  2. thracianmaid Says:

    While the video doesn’t mention it specifically, Jethro was also a committed feminist.

  3. Daniel Groll Says:

    He was also a lover, or at least tolerator, of children (as we discovered, much to our relief, when we accidentally closed him in the room overnight with our sleeping toddler).

  4. Carla Fehr Says:

    Rest in Peace Jethro.

  5. Kathryn J. Norlock Says:

    “Scholar. Mentor. Ninja.” I hope someone says this about me after I die.

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