Black teenager killed for loud music “in self defense”


Jordan Russell Davis, 17, and several other teenagers were sitting in a sport utility vehicle in the parking lot when Dunn pulled up next to them in a car and asked them to turn down their music, [Jacksonville sheriff’s Lt. Rob] Schoonover said.
Jordan and Dunn exchanged words, and Dunn pulled a gun and shot eight or nine times, striking Jordan twice, Schoonover said. Jordan was sitting in the back seat. No one else was hurt.Dunn’s attorney Monday said her client acted responsibly and in self-defense. She did not elaborate.

UPDATE: I have both closed comments and deleted a bunch of the comments that appeared here. Many of them were appalling, but many of them were really excellent people being really reasonable and carefully pointing out the appallingness. It’s only the former I really wanted to delete, but the latter make little sense on their own.

7 thoughts on “Black teenager killed for loud music “in self defense”

  1. Where are your outraged posts every time Obama kills a Pakistani child “in self-defense”? One can only speculate about your true motives here, and in no way do you come out looking good.

  2. You know, as I posted this I thought to myself: Every time we post on violence against black people the post gets derailed. And I knew someone would do that. But wow, that’s a new record. Stick to the topic, folks. Look at the post. Look at the violence. Stop changing the damn topic. Future derailments will be deleted.

  3. Wow. The “self-defense” narrative in the Zimmerman case, even if ultimately faulty (which we don’t yet know), was at least minimally coherent and fairly plausible. What in the world could this guy’s self-defense case be? Was Davis threatening to play Celine Dion? More seriously, did David claim to have a weapon? I’m failing to see even the minimal coherence of a self-defense claim.

  4. Yeah seriously, stick to the topic. ::facepalm::::

    DUH it’s ALSO crappy when Obama kills a Pakistani child in self defense, too!

    Haven’t you learned anything from feminism? The whole fucking world sucks!

    Anybody know of a feminist website that tells us good things about what humans are doing for each other under the umbrella of human rights and gender equality? Sometimes I need inspiration to do something about these problems other than kill myself.

    I guess that post about Nature scolding editors for disproportionately favoring males was pretty cool, so there’s at least one. =)

  5. The more I read stories like this, the more upset I get when I see snipets of the regular news cycles (especially local ones.) They seem like a series of montages of people and things that are threatening the peace and stability of middle class and/or white families.

    I mean, of all the things going on in the world, I don’t understand why these channels feel the need to focus so much on a litany of individual crimes and tragedies like house fires, theft, assault, etc. And they ALWAYS mention the race of the offender, unless they’re white–then it’s only sometimes. It’s such a creepy, parochial kind of fear-mongering. There has got to be another way to get high ratings.

    And it’s sick that it’s endorsing the narrative that is leading to teenagers being killed because they’re viewed, not as fellow citizens, but as threats.

    This is also why I get really angry when people single out rap as something with little or no cultural value. (I find myself slipping into singling it out for misogyny sometimes, while easily forgetting that some country western and alternative rock songs aren’t particularly nice to women, either.) Maybe if more of us (esp white folks) thought about it as a form of art that has a high learning curve, and not some barbaric call to arms where a gunshot in the background means the rapper just thinks that sounds cool, not as many people would feel all freaking twitchy and on edge when they see Black kids listening to loud music they don’t understand.

    Reading stories like this makes me think about all the times I haven’t spoken up when I saw people spouting these ‘tiny’ forms of bs, because I didn’t want to be rude. I didn’t want to make things awkward. So I was able to avoid an uncomfortable conversation. And a 17 yr old got shot. That’s what white privilege is, and that’s messed up.

  6. Hard to wrap my mind around jury convicting him of trying to kill people, who are still alive, yet somehow being undecided over whether THE PERSON WHO HE ACTUALLY DID KILL was first degree murder or self-defense.

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