3 thoughts on “Holiday shopping idea

  1. I was about to order a poster and water bottle but the shipping fees are OUTRAGEOUS for anyone outside the USA. As much as the items I was going to buy!!! I wish there was a more reasonable fee to pay to get those items!

  2. I love the Status of Women Store!
    I would like to order one of the collage posters, but I would like to have one that has a photo of G. E. M. Anscombe.
    I looked hard at those posters and could not find her photo.
    Does anyone know which poster her photo is on? I guess I am assuming that someone of her stature in the discipline is on one of them.

  3. G.E.M. Anscombe isn’t on the collage posters. It’s mostly (but admittedly not entirely) living philosophers. I’ll add Anscombe to the CSW’s photo collection for future posters. Thanks for the suggestion.

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