Easy-Bake Ovens: Not just for girls

New Jersey eighth grader McKenna Pope is sick and tired of hearing that baking is girly. She knows that male celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and Alton Brown are no strangers to perfectly flaky pie crust, and Pope’s 4-year-old brother, Gavyn, is no slouch in the kitchen, either. So when he recently asked Santa for an Easy-Bake Oven, McKenna noticed that boys weren’t featured anywhere in Hasbro’s advertisements for the mini-oven. On top of that, it only came in two colors: purple and pink. Feeling burned by the suggestion that only girls bake, the budding activist decided to do something about it.

McKenna started a petition on Change.org calling on toy manufacturer Hasbro to tone down the gender-typing on the Easy-Bake Oven. The open letter to CEO Brian D. Goldner might feature a pretty adorable video of Gavyn talking about baking (and dinosaurs!), but it’s not kidding around.

Read the full article here, and sign the petition, here.

4 thoughts on “Easy-Bake Ovens: Not just for girls

  1. I just imagined Tiffany Aching bashing someone over the head with her frying pan because they refused to sell her brother an easy bake oven.

  2. Just reminds me, when my partner left for a business trip my then 3 yro daughter was in a flap about how we would manage to eat while he was gone {thinking hunter gatherer I’m sure}. I advised that I would be going to taking care of it while he was away. The response – “But girls can’t cook!!” {and no in this household and now in hers we just dont – that mens business} :)

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