It’s a girl thing (spoof version)

Over at the Telegraph:

A group of British female scientists have made a spoof video of themselves  strutting around in high heels and losing their make-up in science labs – to the  song ‘I’m Sexy and I Know It’ – in response to the “demeaning” science ‘girl  thing’ video published by the European Commission earlier this year.

When they ask the interview questions that they’re not supposed to….

What do you say?  A reader writes:

I’m on the job market this year. If I’m lucky enough to get interviews, I’m wondering if anyone has any advice about how to handle questions that people aren’t supposed to ask, such as if I’m married, if I have kids, if my husband would be willing to relocated, etc. I fell I can’t say it’s none of their business and still get a job offer. Is there a way to deflect these questions if they come up?

This is a really tough question.  Obviously one answer might be “that question is illegal” or “none of your damned business”.  But of course this may be unwise– either because you really need this job or because the person asking might be decent and good despite their cluelessness (I definitely know people like this).  What do you all think?