Fighting Abortion Myths

In the Spring I’ll be teaching abortion again.  And I’ve noticed something very disturbing happening over the last few years in the UK: more and more students come into the class already absolutely convinced that there a huge numbers of women who use abortion as their preferred method of birth control, that most abortions involve tearing the limbs off baby-like foetuses, etc etc.  I’m looking for a nice one-stop-shop for demonstrating the falsehood of these myths.  Any suggestions?





9 thoughts on “Fighting Abortion Myths

  1. I think that one step is to make sure they actually know the facts about reproduction – not the sex part, but the development from zygote forward. It is really astonishing how little even ‘educated’ people know about these matters. While a one-stop place for what goes on in most abortions is great, it will not suffice.

  2. I third ChrisTS’ post! Every time I lecture on the birth control’s effects on women’s lives, I’m shocked at how little student’s know about how their reproductive system works. I’ve found it’s difficult to underestimate their understanding of reproduction!

  3. Some people believe that from day one cells look like a baby and that in the event of an abortion during the 1st trimester a child will come out. There is a lot of learning to be done about child development.

  4. Seconds to all. Re Ronado @#7:

    One thing I find astonishing – just one thing – is that most of my students assume that most fertilized eggs will ( barring some extreme circumstance ) make it to birth as a neonate.

  5. Ronado (#7), you are definitely right about more learning to be done about child development, but I think the implications of this are not necessarily what you suppose. There are many excellent resources online (WebMD,, etc.) that can impart much expert knowledge about child development, but from what I can see they won’t teach you (just for example) that the developing child doesn’t “look like a baby” at a given stage, rather “Here’s what your baby looks like at X stage.”

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