Women and Tenure at DePaul

The article in Inside Higher Ed includes coverage of the ongoing lawsuit of philosopher Namita Goswami, as well as the suits DePaul settled with three other women denied tenure. A main contention of Goswami’s suit is that she was penalized for doing that which she was hired to do — teach and research “nontraditional philosophy, including critical race and feminist theory.”

[AAUP] also noted that there were a number of other reported problems with tenure decisions at DePaul, which have disproportionately and adversely affected minority and female candidates (according to the lawsuit, 20 years of tenure decision data show that minority applicants were approximately twice as likely to be denied tenure as their white colleagues; Father Holtschneider also has never reversed a university tenure board decision regarding a woman, while he has for at least one man).

Goswami’s lawsuit also alleges systematic race discrimination during the 2009-10 tenure process in particular, when DePaul “rejected a disproportionate number of minority applicants in favor of white tenure applicants with similar or inferior qualifications.” According to university data, every applicant denied tenure that year was a minority, while minorities represented only 35 percent of the applicant pool. None of the 22 white applicants were denied tenure.

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  1. Thanks for posting. I wasn’t aware that there were gender issues involving DePaul and tenure. I was already aware that there were political problems with the university, as shown by the case of Norman Finkelstein.

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