NewAPPS post on anonymous review that isn’t

There is an important discussion going on at New APPS about anonymous reviewing, The journal reviewing process isn’t anonymous. Did you really think it was? Think again!

Writes Berit Brogaard: “Refereeing is far from always blind. It cannot be completely objective because of how the profession operates and because of technological developments. In most cases it’s too easy to find out who the author of a certain paper is. And people have an urge to find out before they referee your paper. And while your peers will claim to be neutral and unbiased, we know all too well that once people know that the author is an unknown junior at a crappy university, a woman or another minority, implicit biases may influence the verdict.”

Definitely worth reading the comments too.

One thought on “NewAPPS post on anonymous review that isn’t

  1. It’s interesting — in most psychology journals, there’s no pretense at all of blind reviewing. I’ve now reviewed 25 papers for maybe 7 journals, and only once was the paper sent blind. I can see that it might be more important in philosophy, though.

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