I can’t quite figure out what’s going on with “meggings” (leggings for men). Not because I don’t know why men would want to wear them; leggings are ridiculously comfortable, and who doesn’t like comfort? Besides which, it’s a relatively less-expensive way to add depth to your wardrobe than, say, buying a new pair of jeans. No; what I can’t figure out is why someone, who admits leggings are comfortable, doesn’t seem the slightest bit interested in questioning gender norms for the purposes of practicality, but rather reinforces them. A few articles like this have crossed my twitter feed the last couple of days, and I find it a bit amazing. Each one has included some concession that it would be nice to wear leggings (or carry a purse), but then just asserts that men must not be so “feminized.” I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. But I am.

3 thoughts on “Meggings

  1. This is very odd. If one finds clothing comfortable (as women discovered jeans to be back in the day) and not unduly ugly, why worry about their ‘gender’ implications?

    Having said this, I admit that the photo of the man with sort of just-below-the-knees leggings is not terribly appealing. On the other hand, I’m not sure there are very many people on whom that length would look good.

  2. The surprising part is that men have always worn leggings. They were called hose or leatherstockings or buckskin. I think norms are changing and these articles reflect the views of those who don’t want to change. Women are also going outside without pants. There was a big media fuss made where I live about women wearing yoga pants everywhere and then a UK store moved in (probably hoping to capitalize on the fuss) – very few people went to the store opening, unlike the long lines in other parts of the world. More non-Scottish men are wearing skirts or kilts and one designer (Mark Jacobs), who has already worn skirts for a few year went to a function in a black lace “dress”.

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