Priest blames women for femicide

Unfortunately, this is not a story from The Onion. A parish priest in Italy said that women need to engage in some “healthy self-criticism” when it comes to the issue of femicide, and in so doing, displayed that he’s in some serious need of “healthy self-criticism” himself.  The text, which he posted on a church bulletin board, said that women’s behavior —  everything from not keeping the house clean, “cold meals,” “fast food at home,” “babies left to themselves,” and the way women dress — is to blame for violence against women.

The core of the problem is in the fact that women are more and more provocative, they yield to arrogance, they believe they can do everything themselves and they end up exacerbating tensions.

And Erin Gloria Ryan comments over at Jezebel.

As part of an ongoing campaign to convince everyone to quit being Catholic, an Italian priest used his annual Christmas message to expound on a very Christmasy topic he’d spent many years studying in Priest JuCo — domestic violence. And like most instances when a celibate male Catholic official comments on what women should or should not be doing, it was epically stupid. His advice? Basically, ladies, if you don’t want your husband to kill you, then you should probably stop dressing like such a skank.

5 thoughts on “Priest blames women for femicide

  1. I asked my partner if he would consider killing me because our house is [often] a mess. His response: “House?”

    I asked him if he would consider killing me for dressing too sexily. His response: “What are you smoking?”

  2. Amazing. Catholic priests seem unhindered by knowledge of facts. Domestic violence against women is now more visible, not because women dress provocatively or fail to clean their house, but because it is increasingly seen as unacceptable. Interestingly, domestic violence was so common in St Augustine’s days – 4th century AD, that Augustine remarked on the fact that his mother, Monica, was never beaten by his father, Patricius. I quote from Confessions “…Many matrons whose husbands were more gentle than hers bore the marks of blows on their disfigured faces… knowing what a furious, bad-tempered husband she endured, they marveled that it had never been rumored, nor was there any mark to show, that Patricius had ever beaten his wife, or that there had been any domestic strife between them, even for a day.” Apparently this was so exceptional that St Augustine thought it worth mentioning in a description of his mother (alas, like the priest, he blames the other women, who were beaten, for the domestic violence they endured).

  3. Well, if the women of this world would be clever enough to abandon the Catholic church and stop dragging their kids there just because it is Christmas or whatever, then we would not need to worry about what a priest has to say, now would we? Some people only have the power that we bestow upon them, remember?

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