Some days, I just can’t.

I do not know how to describe how disturbed, how heartbroken, how frustrated, and most of all, how angry I am at the moment.   (Trigger warning for the full story, and especially the video itself. )

A chilling video leaked by an Anonymous cell this week has added a new twist to a sordid tale of alleged rape that has shattered the peace of a close-knit Ohio football town.

The disturbing 12-minute video, posted online Tuesday by the hacktivist group “Knight Sec,” shows teens making jokes about the events that reportedly transpired on Aug. 22.

One teen appears to be refer to the victim as “deader than” Trayvon Martin, and adds, “she is so raped her p**s is about as dry as the sun right now.”

I am horrified by what happened in India. I am also horrified that being charged with rape apparently isn’t much of a detraction from one’s political candidacy there. I am absolutely sick and tired of how rape is treated like a joke, again, and again. I am so far beyond over the way our reverence for athletes and loyalty to our favorite teams enables silencing, suffering, and double standards again, and again, and again. I am tired of victim blaming. I don’t even know where to start on American politicians talking about rape. I am incensed that there was controversy at all about the Violence Against Women Act, and even more so that it wasn’t reauthorized.

I simply don’t have the right words at the moment.

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  1. […] Oh, en denk aan de glijdende schaal. Het begint met vrouwen uitjouwen op straat. Femme de la Rue, anyone? Mannen komen daar mee weg, want wie wil nou zeuren over ongemakkelijke gevoelens bij zogenaamd leuke opmerkingen als ‘Heej, schatje – waar gaan die mooie beentjes naartoe???’ Vanuit die vijandige houding ten opzichte van vrouwen kunnen sommige mannen het idee krijgen dat ze ook wel weg kunnen komen met verkrachting. Iets waar ze overigens gelijk in hebben, want het percentage veroordeelde verkrachters is overal buitengewoon laag. En steeds opnieuw vinden incidenten plaats waar je geen woorden meer voor hebt. […]

  2. thank you for sharing your horror. This last entry in your blog sums up how far we are from equality and how much we have to fight. And how needed our horror and blogs like this one are.

  3. Wow this is mind blowing. I wonder to what extent the meathead worship culture is responsible for this (not just insensitive but responsible…and I’m only speaking to the sports-related cases, obviously). Many athletes are taught from a young age everything is forgivable given sports excellence (bullying for instance). Ben Roethlisberger, as you mention, will always have this “blemish” but it will never be his legacy among the football/ESPN-analyst culture. And his actions will never be considered nearly as bad by that culture as if he threw a crucial interception or skipped a game, both unforgivable sins which would get someone traded from the team, reviled by fans, etc.

    I’m from Nebraska, of course, where Lawrence Phillips was famously retained on the football team after assaulting his girlfriend (still worshiped as part of the ole championship team). This is hardly ever mentioned whereas the greatness of the team and coaches that retained him is often mentioned and taught to young people (ironically usually in terms of how they were great role models “off the field”). And this is just one of the incidents that got out…

    What a sad story and I feel awful for the young woman.

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