5 thoughts on “Daily Mail endorses street harassment as weight loss strategy

  1. From the Daily Mail: “But despite more than half of us embarking on a New Year diet, a lack of confidence, motivation and willpower mean nearly two fifths (39 per cent) give up after just two weeks. The research from XLS-Medical Fat Binder found that more than a quarter of dieters (26 per cent) lose motivation when their weight loss efforts go unnoticed.

    Around 85 per cent of dieters will be motivated by a simple and sincere compliment, with 66 per cent enjoying someone asking ‘have you lost weight?’, and 53 per cent believing that someone saying ‘you look great’ helps keep things on track. Moreover, a good old-fashioned wolf-whistle will encourage 28 per cent of us to stick to our weight-loss plans, with 54 per cent of people polled saying they love receiving one.”

  2. I think the main reason XLS Medical motivates so much is because you are spending some much money on the pills you feel obligated to stick with the diet.

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