Living on the margins in modern Britain

What makes a life in modern Britain go well? Doing ok involves keeping oneself (and maybe dependent loved ones) fed, warm, and sheltered; being part of human networks that provide emotional and practical support; possessing the emotional and cognitive tools to function day-to-day, and navigate life’s obstacles; being born in a geographical location that means one finds oneself on the right side of borders legislation; existing in a cultural niche where one is presented with opportunities, other than robbing, drugs, and violence. Doing ok in modern Britain depends to a large extent on luck – accidents of birth and upbringing, together with other factors that are mostly beyond one’s control. For those who are unlucky, life is tough. Journalist, Laura Page, interviews five people living on the margins in modern Britain.

One thought on “Living on the margins in modern Britain

  1. These stories are positively heartbreaking, especially considering that there are more systems set up to keep people on the margin, rather than ensure no one ends up there. However, big props to all the community organizations, faith organizations and non-profits, the volunteers, social workers and civil workers who do go the extra mile and make sure that people do have a place to stay, who do care about everyone in their caseload, and go that extra mile to prevent people from falling through the cracks, and all who actively demonstrate the kind of compassion that can produce much needed miracles.

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