Application fees and international students

It was recently pointed out to me that while need-based fee waivers can be obtained for some students applying to graduate school, many schools that offer such waivers do not extend them to international applicants. I can certainly see pragmatic reasons for this being the case, but it also doesn’t seem conducive to fully encouraging diversity. Thoughts about this?

The effect of male CEO’s children on employee pay

Interesting data in a WSJ story (though, I have not read the study itself) about the effects on worker pay when a male CEO becomes a parent, and the difference depending on the sex of the child:

First, the bad news. In general, when a male chief executive has a baby, his workers’ salaries shrink by 0.2%, or about $100, per year. That decline is driven by a 0.4% drop if the child is a son, according to the study of almost 1,600 births to more than 18,000 male CEOs at 10,655 private companies in Denmark between 1996 and 2006.

But there is good news for workers: The dynamics change if the CEO and his wife have a daughter, particularly if she is their first child. Employees’ wages actually go up after the delivery of a first-born daughter. And in that scenario, female employees get the larger boost, with their salary tending to grow by 1.1%, compared with a 0.6% gain for male employees.