2 thoughts on “Stuff that shouldn’t need to be said

  1. Does anyone know how this legislation generally works? There’s the worry that if you restrict the cases to those who get to court or who manage to get a conviction, you end up leaving out the vast majority of rape victims from this protection, but if it only requires a claim without room for appeal from the other parent then there’s a worry that it will be abused in cases where a parent wants to prevent visitation (and it seems like such cases would breed resentment and might be harmful to rape victims in the long-term – though almost certainly less harmful than no law at all). I guess if you don’t actually see great deals of abuse of these laws in practice, then the latter is probably close to optimal.

    Also, do such laws usually explicitly exclude male victims of female rape? I’m not surr, but it seems likely that the potential abuses that would arise if you including male rape vicims might outweigh the benefits, given the relative rarity of these cases.

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