Help! My Child is a Philosopher

A new forum from Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek and Peter Singer, “to encourage parents to help children to develop their natural philosophical curiosity.”    The idea is for us to value and learn from the philosophical questions of children, but I also like to hope that a site like this can contribute to kids being encouraged to value philosophy early and often!

It’s new and the navigation still feels a bit raw.  See what you think, and consider registering to add your own stories.  The photos struck me as uniformly white and blond, but aside from that, it looks like a good start on a worthy project.

One thought on “Help! My Child is a Philosopher

  1. How lovely that someone is acknowledging, and even encouraging, the profound questions children have about the world. I recall, as Catholic midwestern US child, being actively discouraged from asking questions that might upset the adults. I can’t help wondering if these unresolved questions from childhood contribute to our discomfort with ambiguity as adults. And the desire to seek out too-simple answers that arises from it.

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