7 thoughts on “Men! Shopping for groceries!

  1. “beer, hot sauce, batteries, Doritos, beef jerky, Slim Jims”–add snails and puppy dog tails. I could go for the batteries though–just ran out of AAs.

  2. Matt: I think it is at Walmart. Is there any where else he’d go?

    I would like those not well schooled in supermarket behavior, especially with carts, to have a lesson before they get going. Hand-held baskets are ok, but sometimes seeing those big ones left out in an aisle so that nothing can get past on either side makes me very cross.

  3. Wait. This must mean that there is currently an (unlabelled!) women’s isle in my grocery store. Can someone tell me which one it is so that I don’t accidentally go down it anymore?

  4. Great question, Jarrod. Let’s start a campaign for clearly-labelled gendered aisles, so that nobody has to face the shame of an accidental mistake. I’d also appreciate some advice about what to do when I need batteries for my girlie stuff. Can you imagine what might happen if you put men’s batteries in some of that stuff?

  5. Jender, I’m going to assume you mean your pink and purple Easy-Bake Oven. If you put in the men’s batteries you’ll be able to bake some man satisfying nachos for the big game.

  6. Good grief. “a little section for men, with beer, hot sauce, batteries, Doritos, beef jerky, Slim Jims.” This assumes that some number of men who [liking these ‘foods’] used to have someone else shop for them (Mom?) are now shopping for themselves. But, even if we assume that this junk is the preference of many men, the article seems to suggest that men are doing the shopping for the family, not just for themselves.

    I wonder what the little section for women would feature. Yoghurt, diet dinners, and tampons?

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