on seeing the video, you think…

i. I had no idea.

ii. Not me, not ever.

iii. I like her shortcuts.

iv. Other………


Henny Garfunkel, 65, may be the closest thing the Sundance Film Festival has to a reigning queen. A celebrity photographer with a wild personal style — gobs of red lipstick, 19 ear piercings, bouffant hair in the front and a ponytail in the back — she has been high-tailing it here every January for the last 19 years. She photographs stars for outlets like PaperMag.com and New York, but mostly she likes the hubbub, and the hubbub likes her.

“Before people got to know Henny,” said the director John Waters, “I used to describe her by saying, ‘You know my friend, right? The one who looks like the back end of a Plymouth? They would say, ‘Oh, yeah, that one. She’s fabulous!’ ”

Ms. Garfunkel, who cites Diane Arbus and Liberace as influences, figures she has photographed thousands of stars over the years and not just at Sundance. She specializes in festivals of all kinds.

6 thoughts on “on seeing the video, you think…

  1. This is an example of why I sometime wonder if the bloggers are FP are occasionally drunk when they post. :) Some context or an introduction would be helpful. I have no idea what this post is about, something it would helpful to know before I have to click on a video or a link to explain it to me. I say this as a feminist philosopher who reads this blog pretty much daily.

  2. I think all of us who teach should show up in class with that much “lippy” at least once…

  3. 1 and 3: Sometimes it’s healthy to have a little random strangeness fall into your life. Enjoy it.

  4. Thanks, Jender. You got a lot of what was going on. But also readers have as much info as I do, and it seems to me a good policy for bloggers not to frame everything.

  5. Not me, not ever. But not because I don’t like it. I love it. Just don’t have the skin tone to pull it off. I actually think what she says at the end about how a little lippy always makes you feel better is really interesting, though not new I’m sure to us. I feel that way about mascara. It’s something I hardly ever have a higher-order thought about except when thinking about feminist theory. It’s amazing how much I’ve internalized cultural norms that I feel better with some make up on, and hardly ever think about that fact.

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