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Ann Cahill is a funky feminist po-mo philosophical fabadabadoo… January 23, 2013

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according to 3 am Magazine.

Richard Marshall introduces Cahill this way:

She defends big words, considers the astoundingly deep inability of US culture to understand the emotions of miscarriage, finds continental philosophy condusive, considers Foucault’s wrong about rape, settles more in Irigaray’s camp than Butlers’, (but doesn’t want to stereotype them), insists on the embodiment of humans, finds there’s still a lot to do about sexism in philosophy even though it’s getting better, has things to say about beautification and self defence and has thoughts about ways of overcoming objectification through a carnal ethics. All in all this makes her a feminosophical blast.

Read the interview here.

We’ve recently blogged about Cahill’s work on feminism and weight loss here.


2 Responses to “Ann Cahill is a funky feminist po-mo philosophical fabadabadoo…”

  1. )))((((((
    [____]—{ Funky cool }

  2. beta Says:

    I already knew she was “a feminosophical blast,” but it’s nice to see 3AM confirm it!

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