6 thoughts on “Overly honest methods

  1. If we could do it anonymously, you know we in the social science field would have a lot to confess…..but it seems like it would be about the same as the physcial sciences.

  2. This is awesome and I think it’s doable for philosophy. A few of them may even directly translate:

    “We did not make corrections suggested by reviewer 1 because we think reviewer 1 is a f***ing idiot.”

    “We didn’t read half the papers we cite because they are behind a paywall.”

  3. The reviewer one was my favorite as well. And the paywall is the reason I am going to try to stay affilated with the university where I work, even if I do get a full time job in another field. I NEED access to my databases.

  4. “Only checked intuitions of white males because of centuries of privilege.” #overlyhonestphilosophymethods

  5. “Only read first 200 pages of Kant’s Critique of PR because it was well know that that was what you could get away with.”

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