The Ivory Tower has a lot of stairs and no ramp

I’d encourage everyone to go and read the post we put up at Disabled Philosophers this morning from Raymond Aldred, a graduate student with muscular dystrophy. The kind of barriers Ray faces in the profession are immense, and – I suspect – largely invisible to your average non-disabled philosopher.

One thought on “The Ivory Tower has a lot of stairs and no ramp

  1. Thanks for the heads up!

    At my community college tutoring job we recently built a new tutoring center at the top of two flights of stairs (our old center is in a well and is wheelchair accessible). I think the lesson is, as always, that as you move up the heirarchy in any intitution (academic, political, etc.) cluelessness and mindlessness increases (the powers that be were surprised to learn we had disabled students wanting to use the center).

    Have a nice Monday FP.

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