13 thoughts on “Reader Query: Educational resources on gender for kids

  1. Well that’s a very wide age range, but for 5-6 year olds, The Paper Bag Princess is a classic and very discussable and cute.

  2. And is the Gruffalo a woman? There is a Gruffalo’s Child as a sequel but I read them so long ago I can’t remember if there was a Mother&Father origin. But that is probably too young for your audience.

  3. for the little’uns, todd parr’s books are nice happy inclusive books. tho not specifically focussed on gender, they look at things like non-trad non-hetero families, etc. and eric carle’s ‘mister seahorse’ is a pretty run-down of species in which the males gestate.

  4. Thanks very much for all of your suggestions. In particular, thanks Heg! I don’t know why I didn’t think to check out the EHRC before – they’ve got loads of great resources on all kinds of inequality issues.

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