File This One Under “Things That Make We Want To Stab Something…”

N.B.  Revenge porn = a naked or salacious picture of a person is uploaded to the internet by an ex-lover for the sake of humiliation and spite, i.e. revenge (for dumping their skeazy misogynistic ass, probably.)

  Revenge porn is “just entertainment,” says owner of IsAnybodyDown

IsAnybodyDown posts revealing pictures, mostly of women, without their consent, along with their full names and identifying information like phone numbers and Facebook snapshots. If they want to get off the site, victims get directed to a takedown “service” that costs $250. The site is an even sleazier, and possibly more extortionate, version of Hunter Moore’s famous site “IsAnybodyUp.”

In the interview, Brittain says his site should just be considered “entertainment,” not extortion. He was also straightforward about his desire to turn the controversial business of “involuntary porn” into a big moneymaker.

When asked whether he thought what he was doing was “really sleazy,” Brittain offered this gem: “We live in a really sleazy society.”

Will copyright be the tool that pummels IsAnybodyDown?

So-called “involuntary porn” sites are certainly pushing the legal boundaries of free speech—especially when they include thinly-veiled attempts to wring money from the people portrayed.


I hope the people making money from these websites get sued into oblivion.  And I hope everyone who gets off to these photos realizes how beyond F***ed up that is.  Though really, this is on a spectrum with the rest of our culture and our F***ed up senses of sexuality, ya?  So it’s not even like the people jacking off to this are an uber-class of misogynists.  Their actions are a reasonable extension of Girls Gone Wild, the crazy ex-girlfriend stereotype, and having a madonna-whore complex.

So the asshole who made the site is right on that count; we do live in a sleazy society.  And that makes him a coward who doesn’t have the guts to fight for something better.

2 thoughts on “File This One Under “Things That Make We Want To Stab Something…”

  1. This is really terrifying and mindblowing (though I am very naive).

    I’m really really terrified about where things are headed. I’m an awful person with so many secrets…I cringe everytime someone gets exposed on the internet for their mistakes, MUCH LESS people getting exposed like this for nothing. I feel so bad for all of these women being used like this, and also hate myself for years contributing to porn, etc.

    We’re doomed. I appreciate the attention you gave this immoral site but it just made me feel more frightened and alone.

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