This is a wonderful example for those interested in interactions between knowledge-how and knowledge-that, those interested in what one can do with traditionally feminine skills, and those interested in exactly how the Vestal Virgins’ hairstyles worked. Also tells you to contact if you’d like a really unusual, historically interesting haircut (including “a mullet from hell”). (Thanks, B!)

3 thoughts on “Hairdresser-archaeologist

  1. Is that the right link?

    I’ve been following this story for a while and it is terrific. Also strikes a great blow for amateur/independent/non-academic scholars.

  2. That’s very neat, and neat that she was able to get her research published in some good journals. When I showed the video to my wife, she pointed out that the sewing procedure is very similar to that used for braiding horse manes for dressage and other fancy shows. That’s not surprising, in a way, but makes it all the more interesting that it wasn’t figured out until now.

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