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Liposuction and student health (!!$%@&?) February 9, 2013

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Here’s an ad that ran in the most recent issue of “The Bucknellian” — the college newspaper at Bucknell University.  It invites college students to “get rid of the areas that make [them] crazy” at Geisinger Hospital.  What’s worse? Geisinger runs Bucknell University’s student health services.  So, as one of our readers puts it, “this is a case of a hospital charged with guarding the health of students promoting to those same students liposuction.”  Faculty, staff, and some students are outraged.  Isn’t anybody in Geisinger’s marketing department thinking?  How about the student staff at the Bucknellian?  Or whomever oversees the staff, assuming some faculty or staff member(s) does?  If you’re moved to speak out: Bucknellian at (570) 577-1085;  Geisinger Center for Aesthetics and Cosmetic Surgery at (855) 872-0448. (Thanks, G!)

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Fox makes a hilarious mistake.

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Hee hee.



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