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Living Men Meet in Toronto to Talk about Two Dead Men February 10, 2013

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The Department of Philosophy at the University of Toronto is hosting a Spinoza – Leibniz Workshop, March 22-23, 2013. Two days of speakers and commentators, all men. Sigh.

Details about the event are here.


Now that’s what I call access!!

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Awesome blog post from Benefit Scrounging Scum about the difference it makes when a place is really genuinely accessible:

Going through the front entrance, the main entrance of a beautiful old listed building felt like such a privilege, something I can’t remember doing since becoming disabled. It made me feel wanted, that I belonged there, that I could, even if only for a lunch, access somewhere on the same terms as everyone else.

There’s a video in the post showing how the fancy stone steps of the restaurant at One Great George Street retract to reveal a wheelchair lift.  It’s SO cool.  Listed buildings really need to start admitting that lack of access is about not spending the money, not about restrictions on alterations.  Clearly, if you want to make it work, you can!


Seized by an sudden love of the obvious, the Sunday Cat points out that not all kittens are the same

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