Bug Girl Comes Out of Her Internet Coccoon

Bug Girl is one of my favourite science bloggers.

Who is Bug Girl? Her WordPress bio reads: “Bug_Girl has a PhD in Entomology. Her bug research involves using pheromones to try to control insect populations without pesticides.  She’s been blogging about insects since before you were born.”

And she’s been having a rough time on the academic job market:

I am still job hunting, and I’ve had some epiphany moments about what I should be doing with my life.   I’m having an actual Mid-Life Crisis!

I’m still unemployed, at least in the sense of having a full-time job with medical benefits, which is actually kind of important. Since, you know, Mid-Life is when everything breaks.

I’ve had some interviews for the sort of high level, higher education administration stuff that I’ve been doing since I got laid off in Michigan, and I think most of them have gone well. I’m hoping for an offer soon.

You see, being in a Vice-Provost’s office or a Dean’s office is not my natural habitat. It’s not just the suit-wearing, although I do NOT enjoy suits.  It’s the people in the offices. No. Sense. Of. Humor.

She’s also decided to stop being Bug Girl on the web and not Bug Girl in academic life. Something had to give. She writes, “Instead of hiding my secret identity, why don’t I just find a job that lets me wear the cape and tights all day, every day?”

You need to read the whole story! So for more about the crisis, job search, and new directions go look at “We don’t talk about ovaries here,”

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  1. Yes! There is a whole swarm (pun intended) of us mid-life academic women fed up with people who take themselves very seriously, I suspect!

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