4 thoughts on “Feeling past it? Don’t!

  1. I bet they also only focus on humans, so they’re anthrocentric, and no doubt they don’t focus on ghosts at all, so they’re vitacentric, and I can’t imagine that they focus on those who are temporally bounded, so they’re chronocentric. Why can’t people be more liberal and open-minded and all around good and non-evil like me and stop being anything-centric?!

  2. I’m curious. What’s non-standard about the way the African-American women are portrayed? What do you consider a standard portrayal?

  3. Amon: its the sort of remark I regret, and I can’t remember why I said it. I think I meant that they were portrayed the way the white women were.

  4. Let me add: that may be more common now, but it was thought to be uncommon when, e.g., Crosby-as-doctor was on.b

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