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Central APA: meeting up? UPDATE ON MEETING February 18, 2013

Filed under: minorities in philosophy,survival strategies,women in philosophy — annejjacobson @ 10:44 pm

There,s another important meeting on Fri evening, so we’ll meet up on Thurs, when the beer is free! Let’s head for 8:30 to 9, at the reception, near the beer!


The program is, I hope you will think, remarkedly diverse. It’s got some wonderful speakers on analytic philosophy, feminist philosophy, and critical race theory/Black Experience. On one count I figured we had 20 main program sessions on black experience. I doubt that’s quite right, but there are a lot, relatively speaking.

And inevitably some important concerns have been left out.

Rachel McKennon and I have communicated about getting some of us together. Some people can’t make Thurs evening, so let’s meet at the reception(aka “smoker”)on Friday. It starts at nine. How about meeting up at 9:30, near the place where one buys beer?

I’m thinking of “us” as FP commenters, and others who are interested in diversity, the state of the profession, etc.

What do you think?


22 Responses to “Central APA: meeting up? UPDATE ON MEETING”

  1. I’ll be there! And no for something completely different–and I am serious. I have a room in the convention hotel with 2 queen size beds–that’s all I could get. It seems obscene to have this to myself. I’d be happy to share if anyone is interested.

  2. annejjacobson Says:

    Harriet, Glad you will be there! The room offer is generous!

  3. Cheryl Says:

    I’ve been taking some Coursera courses and there don’t seem to be many with feminist content. Is that something you would want to discuss?

  4. McKinnon! I don’t know if I can make the 22nd, since there’s a plan for a get together for LGBTQ people that night. The 21st would be much better (the drinks are free that night, too, right?!).

  5. Kathryn Says:

    Shoot. It hardly seems good to do this the same night as a separate get-together for LGBTQ philosophers. Were there others besides me who can’t make it Thursday? If not, a. if I hurry I might be able to make it, and b. I’d hate to see a group excluded so that I could be included.

  6. annejjacobson Says:

    Rachel, sorry!
    Kathryn, If we thought we’d start at 8:30, then 9 o’clock would be ok. Would 9 work?

  7. Kathryn Says:

    That should work for me.

  8. Yeah, about room offer, this year I’ve been especially irritated about the cost of having APAs at these fancy hotels–not only the rooms, which are much more than most of us need or want, but other stuff. E.g. powerpoint set-ups which are completely out of sight.

  9. Pamela Says:

    Hello all. Although I don’t know any of you (yet), I will be at the APA and would love to meet up. It would be wonderful to talk with fellow Feminist Philosophers

  10. Pamela Says:

    BTW: Anyone flying into New Orleans on Wednesday afternoon who would want to share a cab to the conference hotel? My plane arrives at 1:45pm.

  11. So is it settled for the Thurs (which doesn’t conflict with another event for me), or the Friday (which does conflict)?

  12. I’m arriving 4:52 on United, which is a little late for you. But if anyone else is coming then, definitely let’s share.

  13. I thought it was Fri? Thu eve I’m on.

  14. Esa Says:

    I will see you there on Thursday!

  15. Kathryn Says:

    Excellent! Looking forward to it!

  16. Oh well–my session is Thu 7:30 – 10:30 so can’t make it, but hope to bump into some of you at some other time. And I have to stay for the whole session because it’s a panel, and also I’m the tech: due to the crazy price of the hotel powerpoint setup I am charged with bringing my projector AND a white shower curtain for a screen–and lots of duck tape. And happy to loan my projector and shower curtain to anyone interested :-)

  17. Harriet, I am sorry! The reason beehind the change is that Friday would conflict with the gbltq meeting. That sounded really bad to me.

  18. Agree! And I do wish I weren’t stuck for the evening putting up the shower curtain and working the projector ;->

  19. Harriet, there,s a gap between the presidential lecture and the receptionfg. Maybe we can at least say “hi” then.

  20. Love to. My distinguishing characteristic is being short. Look down and you can’t miss me. I’m a little old lady.

  21. jj Says:

    O good! I think I will be trying to look grand with a Missoni sweater that I bought on eBay. We’ll not dwell on my success at achieving that look.

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