Weddings and sentiments about same sex marriages unveiled

Weddings Unveiled adWedding photographer Anne Almasy submitted an ad to Weddings Unveiled and it got rejected.

The reason it got rejected was because Anne chose a picture of a same sex couple in her ad.

She wrote a letter to the editors and posted it on her blog (here) and this post went a bit viral and I wanted to write about it, and now that I have time to do that, I found that there’s an update!

Weddings Unveiled apologised on their blog (here) and will publish the advertisement after all. Jolly good.

I was surprised to read in the comments that people thought the picture was selected because of shock value.

3 thoughts on “Weddings and sentiments about same sex marriages unveiled

  1. I think the *fact* that they apologized, and did so with evident sincerity, is great. And yes, they are to be commended for it. (I’m way more impressed by the photographer, and the simple clarity with which she expressed herself)
    Still. lines like the following –in the apology– drive me *crazy*, “We love all people and would never want to anger, offend or disappoint anyone” I bet they are right that that’s *exactly* what drove them to say no to the photographer in the first place, just as it is what motivates so many people to complicity with injustice. Get. over. it. Justice often requires offending bigots, hurting their poor little bigoted feelings, disappointing their (often unconscious) desires to maintain unearned privilege. And?

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