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Apply now: Cultivating Under-represented Students in Philosophy February 21, 2013

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We invite applications for the 2013 Cultivating Under-Represented Students in Philosophy (CUSP) Program in the Department of Philosophy at The Pennsylvania State University. CUSP is an all-expense! paid two-day workshop (April 14-15, 2013) held at the Penn State University Park campus for up to eight promising students from traditionally under-represented groups (such as African-Americans, Latino/Hispanic Americans, Native Americans, and Asian Americans) who intend to apply to graduate programs in philosophy during 2013-2014 to enter fall 2014.

CUSP participants will have the opportunity to present a sample of their research, visit graduate classes, and interact with faculty and current graduate students in the doctorate program.

Application Process: The application includes 1) a letter of nomination from a faculty member familiar with the student’s philosophical work; 2) a one page letter of interest from the student; and 3) an eight to ten page writing sample from the student (note: this writing sample will also be presented by the student at CUSP). All materials may be sent electronically to Kathryn T. Gines, Ph.D. – Director of CUSP:ktg3 AT psu.edu


2 Responses to “Apply now: Cultivating Under-represented Students in Philosophy”

  1. Landon Says:

    Is there a similar program for female philosophy students somewhere?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Will this be an annual program?

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