CEU policy: gender equity at events

At FP, we are always happy to hear when someone takes steps to reflect on whether an academic event is attentive to gender equity.  So we would have marveled at the goodness of Central European University’s splendid policy statement [pdf] on gender equity at academic events and summer schools in any case.  But we get downright tickled when we get to the eighth point in the document, and see the statement, “Event organizers are encouraged to consult appropriate sources for advice on how to achieve gender balance at academic events,” followed by a link to our site, then a link to a Q&A about the Commitment signed by multiple scholars last year.  Neat!

One thought on “CEU policy: gender equity at events

  1. I come from that part of the world. There is a joke saying that the greatest possible revolution would be to actually implement the law (or, well, to follow policies/explicit guidelines etc.)

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