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Women making America February 26, 2013

Filed under: appearance,discrimination,empowering women — annejjacobson @ 8:03 pm

The PBS program, “Makers: Women who make American,” shows tonight both on TV and through webcasting:


MAKERS is a landmark digital and broadcast initiative from AOL and PBS showcasing compelling stories from women of today and tomorrow. A 3-hour documentary “MAKERS: Women Who Make America.”will premiere on February 26, 2013 8pm ET.
Visit the Makers: Women Who Make America website

Judging by the preview below, there’s lots to like and to dislike about the program. Among other things, it features US women of the last 50-70 years who largely are very visible in the media. And some of the faces are clearly remade according to what one would think are sexist demands. It does also have a good number of black women, it seemed to me, and some I knew were media people, but I wash’t as familiar with black faces as white.Not a good thing, I’d say, which is one reason why the central division APA had a lot of sessions on concerns that included blacks.

So be prepared to find some of it irritating, but also full of recollections of events that impact us still today.


3 Responses to “Women making America”

  1. Kate Norlock Says:

    Interesting, but what do you mean, “some of the faces are clearly remade according to what one would think are sexist demands”?

  2. wooster87 Says:

    Reblogged this on woosterlang87 and commented:
    Makers: Women Making America

  3. annejjacobson Says:

    Goodness, it was an arch comment about plastic surgery. Having now seen the show, I have to say it didn’t seem very plastic at all.

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