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October 2013 conferences March 2, 2013

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If you have travel funds and you’re just wondering, what to do with them?, then consider traveling for the entire month of October!  Let me know what I’ve forgotten.  What a list!

October 2013 conferences, an undoubtedly partial list:

Lehigh University Department of Philosophy, “The Last Chapter,” Inaugural Annual Conference, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Thursday, October 3 – Friday October 4, 2013

North American Sartre Society, The University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada, October 4-6, 2013.

California Roundtable on Philosophy and Race, Chicago, October 10-12, 2013

Women, Truth, Action. An International Conference. Helsinki, Oct 10-12 2013

Center for Cognition and Neuroethics, “Reason, Reasons and Reasoning,” 1st Annual Conference, Flint, MI October 11 – 12, 2013

FEAST (Feminist Ethics and social Theory), Tempe, Arizona, Oct. 17-20, 2013

SPEP (Society for Phenomenology and Existential Philosophy), Eugene, Oregon, Oct. 24-26

CSWIP (Canadian Society for Women In Philosophy), Good Appetite/Bon Appétit, Peterborough, Ontario, Oct. 24-26

ASBH (American Society for Bioethics and the Humanities) 15th Annual, Atlanta Georgia October 24-27, 2013

17th Meeting of the International Association for Environmental Philosophy, Eugene, Oregon, October 26-28, 2013


One Response to “October 2013 conferences”

  1. beta Says:

    The bad thing is, I know several philosophers who would, if they could, go to SPEP, CSWIP and ASBH. But they need to defy the identity-location problem to do it.

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