Studies of anomyised applications?

I’ve just been asked by some HR professionals if I know of studies showing the effects of anonymising job applications before review.  I don’t.  Do you? My correspondent is, I think, most interested in studies outside the laboratory on actual hiring processes, but I’ll take anything.

7 thoughts on “Studies of anomyised applications?

  1. Could you clarify this, Jender — aren’t all studies done “in the real world”?

  2. Edouard Machery has look at Making journal submitting anonymous. He may have further stuff.

  3. I’m not sure if this is what your correspondent is looking for, but here are a few:

    “Do anonymous resumes make the field more even? Evidence from a randomized field experiment”

    Click to access le%20barbanchon_t4613.pdf

    Positive effects of anonymous job applications

    There might be something in here: a compilation by Cornell’s ADVANCE center of resources on gender and hiring:

    Click to access Stereotyping-references.pdf

    And a study suggesting the effect of gender on hiring and promotion:
    “Impact of Gender on the review of the Curriculum Vitae of Job Applicants and Tenure Candidates: A National Empirical Study”

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