Student unions and misogyny

“Misogynist prick” runs for UCL Women’s Officer.

A male student who “self-identified” as female before running for the women’s officer position at his university claims he is being persecuted after being censored by his union following a backlash.

Kirk Sneade, an undergraduate at the University College, London (UCL), and his campaign team have been branded “misogynist pricks” by fellow students following his controversial run for candidacy.

The UCL student uploaded a video of a woman being punched by a man and a photo with the slogan “memes are gay” as part of his campaign. Sneade, who is now claiming discrimination, reportedly likened his plight to the communist persecution in Nazi Germany.

What did his self-identification amount to?

Sneade’s original manifesto stated:

Kirk Sneade has self defined as a woman ever since he realised it gave him legal access to the women’s changing rooms at the Bloomsbury gym

And then there’s this tale from women debaters at the Glasgow University Union.

During the debate, a select number of male students, including former committee members and even an ex-president, made sexual comments about our appearance, shouted “shame woman”, booed loudly and questioned “what does a woman know anyway?”. This was not mere heckling, and not related to the content of our speeches. None of the male speakers faced the same treatment. After the debate, a member of this group shouted “get that woman out of my chamber” as my partner Marlena passed.

When female students heard these comments, one confronted the male members and was told to stop being a “frigid bitch”. After the debate, a female Cambridge student rose to confront the perpetrators. The organisers of the tournament, and GUU committee members, begged her to sit down and not “cause trouble”. I myself confronted one of the male members concerned, and the GUU committee, only to be told that it was “to be expected” and “par for the course” that women would be booed in the GUU chamber. When I asked whether they would accept the treatment of racial minority speakers in the same way, I was told “they would be booed too, but we don’t have them here.” The committee accepted we were booed because we were women, not for any other reason, but refused to take action against their members.


3 thoughts on “Student unions and misogyny

  1. It’s a shame this troll got the HuffPo to post his manifesto, when it’s clearly not a sincere attempt at anything but griefing.

    At least the student union knows what’s going on:
    “The student union refused to publish Sneade’s manifesto and will not publish the revised edition either. A member of the union, who wished to remain anonymous, told The Huffington Post UK the manifesto was “objectively misogynistic”.”

    It’s sad that some people can only see this as “censoring”:
    “But some students have criticised the UCLU for refusing to upload Sneade’s manifesto. In a blog for HuffPost UK, Patrick Thompson wrote: “While there is no doubt that the original manifesto offended many, the union’s decision to censor it is an ugly response to such offence…”

    It’s one thing to be sincere but offensive. It’s another entirely to mock the very thing you are supposedly running for and to display no signs that you would at any point seriously participate in the system, were you elected.

    This isn’t censorship. This is refusing to feed a troll.

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