THES on women in philosophy

This is another one of those cases where it’s good that the topic is getting attention, even if the article isn’t ideal. There was so much I said in the interview that didn’t come through, and so many bits pulled out without proper context or argument being given. On the other hand, I am glad that it does mention implicit bias and sexual harassment and doesn’t spend any time entertaining claims of innate gender differences, talking to people who think there’s no problem, or anything like that. One big lesson learned: epistemic humility comes across as befuddlement to journalists. Sigh. Anyway, it’s here.

One thought on “THES on women in philosophy

  1. I guess I can see you could have said more (or been represented with the more you said) but this is very useful stuff, and there aren’t any visible faults, it seems to me.

    There is a discussion on the NYTimes page on an article by te-hehsi coates (I bet I’m really getting the spelling wrong). It’s clear that even a pretty educated audience is far behind on these things. David Slutsky discusses some of the article in an adjacent post.

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