6 thoughts on “International Women’s Day! so, pink phones..?

  1. But, if they weren’t pink, then someone might think the people were given phones for, ya know, just being human or something. And that would be weird.

  2. I know, right??

    The thing is, I get that some interventions are more successful when aimed at women. That’s been true of micro-lending schemes, too. But there’s surely something… distasteful about achieving it by wholeheartedly adopting unhelpful stereotypes.

  3. That sucks that they basically have to reinforce an anti-feminine sense of masculinity just so men won’t steal the phones.

  4. This goes against some (only *some*) of the tenor in discussions about pink, but here it is. I genuinely yearn for the day when pink is no longer used as a gender indicator, just so I can wear the colour without feeling conflicted. Not, incidentally, the horrible, trashy shades of pink typically used as gender markers, but the classier, more serious and sophisticated shades. I like those, not, needless to say, because of any gender connotation, rabid feminist as I am, but because of their warm seriousness. And they really flatter my complexion.

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