Men: Apparently They Blog About Philosophy Better, Too

This month’s list of “the best philosophical blog posts”  from The Philosopher’s Carnival is 100% men.

When this was pointed out over at New APPS, the author of the Carnival commented thus:

Rachel – I am ashamed to say that (despite having carefully followed the discussions of the GCC), I did not even notice that. All of the submissions sent to me were written by men. I then went through the philosophy blogs I regularly follow to find important items which had appeared since the last carnival and added some of those. (‘Important’ obviously suggests a highly subjective value judgment – just the sort of place where significant implicit bias effects are to be expected.) After reading your comment, I have reviewed my feed reader and discovered that, although I follow some group blogs (like Prosblogion and NewAPPS) to which women regularly contribute, there are only two philosophical blogs written solo by women in my feed reader, and one of those hasn’t been updated in months. So my own reading habits are clearly contributing to this in an objectionable way.

In furtherance of the GCC, NewAPPS has linked to several lists of women working in particular sub-fields, so that conference (and edited volume) committees have an easier time finding people to ask. It would be helpful to me (and I’m sure to others as well), in ensuring that I don’t repeat this mistake, if there were a similar list of female philosophy bloggers.

The two I already have in my feed reader are Kadri Vihvelin ( and Evelyn Brister (


In light of this, I put forward the following suggestion:

Now that we have reason to suspect that these lists are skewed to the point that they over represent men, the Carnival really shouldn’t be described as a “showcase of THE BEST philosophical blog posts” (emphasis mine) on the web.

6 thoughts on “Men: Apparently They Blog About Philosophy Better, Too

  1. To be fair, we are more of a philosophy news blog, whereas I think the Carnival is look for philosophical writing in blog form. But I’d like to think we post to that sort of thing occasionally or have it in our own blog roll.

  2. I just want to say how awesome the carnival organiser is for making the response that they did, rather than getting all nasty and defensive. This is how social progress happens. (Well, it’s one way.)

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