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Sometimes people become radicalized when they enter the upper positions in an extremely conservative institution. The US Supreme Court demonstrates some instances of this transition. So let’s hope that Pope Francis can do the same.

A new pope is thought to choose his name to signal the tradition he will align himself with. Francis I is not situating himself in such a line. So let us hope.

5 thoughts on “Guess who

  1. I remain optimistic that anyone who tacitly endorses the Franciscan tradition will, at least, not tell the Council of Women Religious to sit down and obey. A focus on poverty is for the better.

  2. For some reason, this comment doesn’t seem to be posting, but let’s try again – Anne, could you elaborate the point you were making about the name?

    Beta, if you’re implying that the previous pope told the Leadership Council of Women Religious to “sit down and obey”, I don’t think that’s quite accurate. But it is worth remembering that Francis of Assisi made obedience a cornerstone of his Rule – chapter 1, paragraph 1: “The Rule and life of the Friars Minor is this, namely, to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ by living in obedience, without anything of one’s own, and in chastity. Brother Francis promises obedience and reverence to his holiness Pope Honorius and his lawfully elected successors and to the Church of Rome. The other friars are bound to obey Brother Francis and his successors.”

  3. Anon, sorry to be so late getting back. On names: had the new pope chosen the name “john Paul XXIV” he’d be understood in part as saying he’d take XXIII as something of a model. Given this background, Francis I is a very stunning choice. Of course, he can cite earlier Francis’ as models, but they weren’t popes.

  4. Well, good things about St. Francis that we can hope Francis I also cares about:
    – compassion for the poor
    – strong love of nature
    – respect for St. Clare and her work

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